The Indian television industry is flooded with numerous programs. For instance, Sony, Zee TV, Star Plus, or Colors- all air a variety of shows that claim to be prime-time television programs.

KBC is the only show that stood out against the mainstream and created a whole new culture around it.

If you want to take participation in this game show, first you need to complete KBC registration via SonyLiv or through a single SMS from your cell phone.

In the past, we could watch Malgudi Days, Swabhiman, Dekh Bhai Dekh, and many more.

Every show that is broadcast in the present, recycles, reuses the same ingredients, and has no new ideas to present.

In these times, no option is more satisfying than KBC or the Kaun Banega Crorepati.

If you’re unfamiliar with KBC and you’re contemplating whether it’s worth your time, then this article is for you.

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5 Best Reasons to Watch Kaun Banega Crorepati

Here are five reasons we think you should be watching KBC:

1.   General Knowledge

A large number of people, particularly kids who enjoy watching the show on a daily basis are learning about a variety of topics and current events.

In addition, the form quiz of the lottery encourages individuals to learn about new subjects and new ideas.

A great family game has been created by this show, in which children discover new facts and details.

You can then use the points to play a game with your friends and family members, and the winner will receive an award mush similar to the KBC lotto winner.

2.   Awareness About Social Issues

The show is changing the dynamics of those who are in silence without a voice.

The show allows them to share their stories and get the support of others. The audience can also engage with them and ask pertinent questions.

This feature has helped people to begin having discussions about issues of social concern within their families.

If families begin to have conversations about these issues within their homes, the awareness level is raised.

3.   It’s a Family Show

The excitement of watching a TV show, the desire to know about who the next KBC lottery winner will be, and how exciting it would be for many. It is a great way to create excitement in a home environment.

In contrast to other TV shows that have an abundance of adult material, KBC is a great option to enjoy with your loved ones.

It’s a fantastic source of entertainment that doesn’t include any explicit content.

4.   Inspirational Stories

KBC has added a new feature to their network in which they reach out to victims of social issues to share their experiences.

They are victimized by harassment, acid attacks as well as child abuse, and other problems.

The feature has addressed a major problem of educating youth. The program is dubbed Karamveer.

The youth are now able to learn about their experiences and gain motivation and insight into what’s happening within their community.

It also gives victims and chance to share their experiences with the world and find comfort.

5.   Importance of Time

Some people find it hard to manage their time effectively. The best way to prepare yourself for the future is with effective time management.

This program assists you to understand the importance of time because the time you spend answering questions matters a lot.

A lot of questions get asked within the time frame specified and the contestants have to respond within the specified timeframe.

Final Words

KBC show is a great source of entertainment and information. In addition, it generates a sense of anticipation and excitement as you know that the KBC lottery winner is being announced. All of these reasons make KBC truly worthwhile.

The show has educated viewers on a range of topics by providing entertainment. This is one of the reasons for us to recommend this show.